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The most of companies , many factor was used to accelerated their performance become better . No one can say those factor is wrong or correct, the people who incharge in Manufacturing know well their situation and difficulties to improved their condition. They are playing with design base processing & equipment, input and output material, Organizing management system and procedure, then People skill.

Facilities or equipment as fix aset will produced a value, This aset value will decrease gradually yearly in book aset. Most of company kept the output value of this aset with maintaining all aset with good management system and people skill to ensure all facilities can be operated well, stable operation, optimize the Capacity & Performance

Input and Output material as significant variable cost for Manufacturing. Many aspect and causes talking about this, but the importance one is the limitation of Optimize Quality & Cost per unit product. Handling of input and output material required best management system and creative people skill who are responsible for that area

Organizing management system and procedure is the importance thing to kept stable and growing manufacturing company performance and profit, because manufacturing company lot of peoples with variance background, skill & behavior. Powerfull marketing strategy, business process procedure, Employee welfare. The key point here is updating and finding the problem of existing system or procedure, following market situation, customer need, plant condition and people condition, etc. Once we could not found the problem in existing system, it mean company required to find creative employee or creative management level to find out existing problem to be improved continouslly, any time & at any places.

People Skill is Man Power aset, a lot of people in Manufacturing company hire the peoples with many kind of dicipline and experiencies . Yearly salary mostly in manufacturing company increase, without any change of people skill is a lost, However the variable cost timely increase without any improvement or innovation in Manufacture operation. People skill can control & increase the fix aset value such as facilities, equipments, etc. Manufacturing company difficult to control external factors. Now, the most effective to kept or increase the performance and profit by exploring potential of the peoples, explore their creative idea for innovation, improvement together with teamwork become one vision with company direction, growing together with top management. Change the eyes, management and employee become productive partnership.

Manufacturing peoples naturally playing with their own culture, experiences, behavior, attitude and character , that can’t be control by their superior all. There are three generation in one company to be sinergy communicate, event the value of each people was difference interesting value,  many conflict of interest was happened when company energize them become a productive people, mental block each other generate from skill people and superior make it their creativity and innovation idea could not appear, finally just waiting and do it what superior instruction, this is a lost of potential performance growth. Unfortunatelly, the most improvement activity in Manufacturing company activity is work at certain level only, creating innovation idea just came from motivated people, it’s ceremonial performing to motivate other people. How long can we go?How many peoples motivated ? Why they motivated ?

How to accelerated potential a lot of peoples in manufacturing company at all level ? Coaching is require to energized potential peoples & creativity to produce many innovation idea. It’s very effective for millennial until baby bommer generation work together at the same vision and goal to get better performance is powerfull.

“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”

‘Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise his or her own performance. its helping them to learn rather than teaching them’ -Sir John Whitmore, ‘Coaching for Performance’ –

Coaching is “ HOW “ to identify existing condition , how to focus & explore the awareness, how to move from existing condition. As a Competencies Coach could help the team people or personally in manufacturing, to accelerated their potential and unlocking their mind . The Coach help to explore and solve their problem, to achieved their focus point or performance target or KPI.

How Coaching process ?

Coaching process work success if coach can explore many potential and creative improvement and productive idea from employee it self, The Coach believe that coachee will say the best answer for coachee it self. The coach with code of conduct and professional competencies, support the coachee in Manufacturing company with close communication in the coaching sesion period.

Coach is a good listening with heart, focus for hearing what coachee talk seriously, Coach will stimulate the thingking of Coachee with powerfull question to explore the best potential and great idea of coachee for the best performance of company. In manufacturing company, coaching is a new way to accelerate best communication betwen three generation and bring them to the same value and vision in one team. Coaching will energized all the peoples in the team or personal who is potential with competence, but actually not performed.

The people in manufacturing will growth continouslly at all generation and at critical position to achieved target and increase manufacturing company.

Author : Riszaldi.

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